KUSO - an orchestra for you ?

KUSO is always looking for nice and committed amateur musicians, who can enrich our small music universe and make our rehearsals even cozier. Our age group stretches from ca. 17 to 35 years old, and even if the most of us are students, there is certainly space for those who have already left books behind.

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Summer Project

KUSO's Summer Project starts the 26th of March. On the programme: Symphony no. 2 by Sibelius, Festival Overture on the Danish Anthem by Tschaikovsky

Come and play with us ! We're missing horns, trombones and strings. Write an e-mail to the board at bestyrelse@kuso.dk and tell us a little about yourself.

An Orchestra with a Long History

KUSO is an orchestra with a past, a present, and a future ! We have a history which goes back to the start of the '40s, and many nod recognising the name, since many, sometimes in their musical development, have worked with our orchestra. Read more