About KUSO

KUSO is an orchestra with a past, a present, and a future ! We have a history which goes back to the start of the ’40s, and many nod recognising the name, since many, sometimes in their musical development, have worked with our orchestra.

We are an orchestra where we enjoy one another’s togetherness and company, both when we practise and when we play concerts, and our social well-being is a high priority for us, combined with quality, curiousity, and last but not least, joy of making music.

KUSO is a classical orchestra who wishes to know more about tradition and innovation. Our work with historical pieces side by side with brand new and newly-written pieces makes our repertoire elastic and living. We love to play, and thanks to our young average age, we have fresh energy and very good vibes. Welcome to an orchestra that wants to go forwards in the world, but who still wants you while we’re on the move towards adventurous musical experiences ! You can read more about our earlier projects here.

Our Vision

We consider ourselves as a visionary and curious orchestra who wants to pinpoint the repertoire we already have, as well as exploring new and exciting horizons and galaxies in the enchanting and endless universe of music.

Our ambition is to continue to provide young amateur musicians in the Copenhagen area with an opportunity to cultivate and develop their classical musicality in a creative and social community.

Open Positions

Right now, we have the following open positions:
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Coming Concerts

21st of June

23rd of June

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