Earlier Projects

  • Summer 2018
    This year KUSO brought some beatiful sounds from the East, with Brahms’ Hungarian Dances and Dvořák’s 8th Symphony, followed by romantic and relaxing works like Sibelius’ Valse Triste and Elgar’s Nimrod from his Enigma Variations. Two concerts found place in Copenhagen, in St. Jakobs Kirke the 14th of June and Hellig Kors Kirke the 17th of June. Here people could enjoy a refreshing break from the Summer heat with us.
  • Spring 2018
    Together with the choir Rudersdalkoret KUSO performed Mendelssohn’s oratorium Elias. Conducted by Torsten Mariegaard we played the 11th of March in Sorø Klosterkirke and the 18th of March in Helligåndskirke. Soloists: Cecilia Lindwall (soprano), Tine Skat Matthiesen (soprano), Maria Kontra (contralto), Magnus Vigilius (tenor), and Per Høyer (bass).
  • Autumn 2017
    This year’s Autumn  project presented film music, opera, and drama. Prokofiev’s music for the film “Leutenant Kijé” plus an aria from Massenet’s opera, the Herodiade, were performed with the baritone singer Lars Fosser as solist. The programme consisted as well of big and dramatic works, such as Finlandia by Sibelius and the overture for Egmont by Beethoven. The project was concluded with two concerts, the 24th of November in Koncertkirken, and the 26th of November in Hellig Kors Kirke.
  • Summer 2017
    This year’s Summer project KUSO stood on its own legs to play two works written in the youth years of Mendelssohn and Schubert. The big drammatic symphony “The Great” by Schubert and the Hebrids, written following the inspiration from a trip to Scotland by Mendelssohn. We concluded the project with two concerts, the 22nd of June in Hellig Kors Kirke, and the 24th of June in Absalon.
  • Spring 2017
    KUSO’s Spring project was exciting and challenging. The young Alexanger Ventegodt was our solist in Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto, and other than that the orchestra played the Aladdin Suite by Carl Nielsen. The project was concluded with three concerts in Frihavnskirken the 6th of March, Koncertkirken the 9th of March, and DR Koncertsalen for the orchestra festival the 12th of March.
  • Autumn 2016
    Autumn’s theme was authenticity and the two works led us respectively to the pine forests in Finland and to a German harvest festival. The programme consisted of Sibelius’ Karelia Suite and Beethoven’s 6th symphony, a pastoral. We played two concerts, the 24th of November at the IT University of Copenhagen, and the 27th of November in Frihavnskirken.
  • Summer 2016
    The Summer project had Carl Nielsen as theme. The programme presente Nielsen’s Sagadrøm, the 4th symphony, and the violin concerto. Johannes Søe Hansen was the soloist and Christian Øland conducted. The project was ambitious and it was possible through the collaboration with Amatørsymfonikerne. Besides two concerts in Denmark, in Brønden and Tivoli’s koncertsal, KUSO and Amatørsymfonikerne travelled to Finland in a tour. Two delightful concerts were performed in Helsinki curch of the rock and Lathis cross church.
  • Spring 2016
    In collaboration with Copenhagen Oratorio Choir and Rudersdalkoret KUSO performed Brahms’ “Ein Deutsches Requiem”. Conducted by Torsten Mariegaard, we played the 6th of March in Grundtvigs Kirke and the 13th of March in Sorø Klosterkirke. Soloists: Cecilia Lindwall (soprano) and Per Høyer (bass).
  • Autumn 2015
    Under the direction of our guest conductor Jesper Ryskin, the orchestra played two famous works from the classic repertoire for the Autumn project: Schubert’s 8th symphony, better known as “The Incompleted”, and Dvořák’s 9th sympony “From the New World”. Two concerts were held in two churches, respectively in hellig Kors Kirke the 24th of November and in Frihavnskirken the 29th of November.
  • Summer 2015
    The orchestra’s Summer project had water as theme, with Mendelssohn’s piano concerto no. 1, “Glückliche Fahrt” and “Meeresstille”; Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue; Saint-Saëns’ Aquarium and The Swan from “Le Carnaval des Animaux”, and Strauss’ “An der schöen blauen Donau”. The concerts were held the 11th of June in Hellig Kors Kirke and the 18th of June in Frihavnskirken. Soloists: Jesper Frank Christensen (piano) and Signe Dolezal (cello). Conductor: Rose Munk Heiberg.
  • Spring 2015
    The Spring concerts had as theme “GALLA”. We played Johan Strauss’ “An der schönen blauen Donau”, “Die Fledermaus” (overture), “Der Zigeunerbaron” (overture), “Kaiserwalzer”; followed by film music: “James Bond Medley, Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”, John Barry’s “Dance with the Wolves”; finally, Serge Prokofiev’s Cinderella suite 1, no. 6 and 7, Romeo and Juliet suite 2 no. 1. The concerts were held the 21st of March 2015 in the Faroese House and the 24th March 2015 in the Folkekøkkenet in Korsgadehallen.
  • Autumn 2014
    The theme for our Autumn project were overtures, and on the programme stood C. Nielsen (Helios, Sauls & David), F. Mendelssohn (Midsummer’s Night Dream, Ruy Blas, The Hebrids), and W. Gade (Imellem Fjeldene, Efterklange af Ossian). The project was concluded with two concerts in Hellig Kors Kirke and DGI Byens Foyer.
  • Summer 2014
    The orchestra’s first project with the new conductor, Rose Munk Heiberg. The theme of the project was “fairy tales”, and we played Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Askept, and Peter and the Wolf. The narrator for Peter and the Wolf was Carsten Philip.
  • Spring 2014
    Spring 2014 offered Verdi’s Requiem in collaboration with the choirs Rudersdal Koret, PKorene Terpsichore, and Pegasus. Conductor: Torsten Mariegaard; solists: Anne Margrethe Dahl (soprano), Ulla Kudsk Jesnsen (mezzo-soprano), Niels Jørgen Riis (tenor), and Per Høyer (bass).
  • Christmas 2013
    Christmas carols like Sleigh Ride, Sandpaper Ballet, and a suite of Neapolitans songs, with Lotte Ørtoft as conductor.
  • Autumn 2013
    “Bubbles and Legends”: “Efterklange af Ossian” by Niels W. Gade, Bubbles by Pernille Sejlund, “Ma Mère l’Oye” by Ravel, and Mahler’s 4th Symphony (3rd movement).
  • Summer 2013
    Verdi’s Nabucco, Grieg’s Peer Gynth suite no. 1 and 2, and Lange-Müller’s highlights from Once Upon a Time.
  • Spring 2013
    Mendelssohn’s oratorium “Paulus”, in collaboration with the dirigents Torsten Mariegaard and Denis Segond together with the two choirs Rudersdal Koret and Ballerup kammerkor. The soloists were Cecilia Lindwall (soprano), Lisbeth Rasmussen Juel (contralto), Jan Lund (tenor), and Per Høyer (bass).

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