Københavns Ungdomssymfoniorkester

Conductor – Jesper Ryskin

Jesper started playing the violin in 1981 with teacher Julie Friisholm, and later Holger Steinrud. In 1989 he began playing with the former violin professor a the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Peder Elbæk, and this collaboration lasted for 10 years, until Jesper finished his studies with the diploma exam (which corresponds to a Master’s degree) in 2000. At the academy Jesper, also studied with Palle Heichelmann and Peter Fabricius.

Jesper’s career as conductor started in the mid 90’s, where he conducted orchestras in Næstved and Helsingør, and in 2004 he became KUSO’s primary conductor, where he had also been a member for many years. Thereafter, Jesper’s commitment arose further until 2006, where he became the regular conductor for the “Student Music Union Orchestra” (Studenter Musikforeningens Orkester), now known as “Byens Symfoni”, and KYS “Københavns Yngre Strygere” (Copenhagen Young Strings).

During that period, Jesper briefly studied orchestra conducting privately with the conductor Frans Rasmussen. Moreover, he completed DAMU’s Masterclass for orchestra conductors twice, also under the supervision of Frans Rasmussen, at the highest level.

Besides this, Jesper has served as ad hoc conductor for several amateur ensembles, as well as in professional contexts. In the summer of 2015, Jesper once again returned to KUSO, and have since the summer 2016 been the orchestra’s permanent conductor.

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