Københavns Ungdomssymfoniorkester

Join us

KUSO is always looking for nice and committed amateur musicians, who can enrich our small music universe and make our rehearsals even more fun. Our age group stretches from around 17 to 35 years old, and even though most of us are students, there is certainly space for those who have already left their school books behind.

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There is no audition but you’re more than welcome to send us a short mail at bestyrelse@kuso.dk with some info about you and your musical journey. Even if there aren’t immediate open positions on our website for your instrument in particular, there could be an opening anyway, or the possibility to be an assistant (i.e. coming to rehearsals when someone else is missing) until the position becomes available.

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Joining KUSO translates to the possibility of attending more than 30 rehearsals under the leadership of our capable conductors (read about their experience here), social events during the projects, the rehearsal weekend, and other activities.

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An annual membership in KUSO (from August to August) costs 150DKK (approx. 20€), spread across the 3 projects (i.e. 50DKK per project, approx. 7€). Moreover, there’s a project fee of 250DKK (approx. 34€) for a total of 300DKK (approx. 40€) per project, and 900DKK (approx. 120€) per year if you want to participate in all three projects (i.e. the Autumn, Spring, and Summer projects). There’s also a possibility to pay for a whole year in the orchestra altogether, which reduces the total price to 750DKK (approx. 100€).

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