Næste koncert – Efterår 2018

Brahms: Serenade no.1
Mozart: Don Giovanni, overture
Barber: Adagio for strings
Larsson: Pastorale (2nd Movement)

23. November, Kl. 19:30, Ørestad Bibliotek
26. November, Kl 20:00, Hellige Kors kirke

Dirigent: Jesper Ryskin

KUSO’s autumn-project is a project dedicated to working with the orchestra as a chamber-music ensemble, building the sense of all players of not only playing their own part, but playing together with everyone else as one organic group.

The main piece is Johannes Brahms’ first Serenade. The serenade was one of the earliest works of the very significant composer. Written twenty years before his first symphony, the serenade has much less bravour, and much more emotion, instruments working together to produce one complete sound, rather than individual sections.

The serenade is rarely played compared to the symphonies, and will be a first experience for nearly everyone involved, including audiences at the concerts.

The project at the same time is part of cycle of three for the 2018/19, where the autumn-project will have a part devoted to strings, the second a part devoted to winds, and the final summer-project will bring everything together on a program that will require more from the orchestra than seen previously in the orchestras modern history – including Sibelius’ 2nd Symphony and a rarely played Tchaikovsky piece, the Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem, written to celebrate the Danish princess Dagmar marrying the russian Zar Alexander the 3rd. In this way, we build on the continued musical growth the orchestra is experiencing, where we have more and more musicians joining the orchestra, and we are able to perform at higher and higher levels.

Thus, the program will also include Barber’s famous Adagio for strings, and 2nd movement of the Larsson Pastoral-suite, which is also strings only.

The overture for Mozarts Don Giovanni is the final piece, concluding a programme that will lift the chamber music capabilities of the orchestra to a new level.

Kommende koncerter

23. November
Ørestad Bibliotek
kl. 19.30

26. November
Hellige Kors kirke
kl. 20.00
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