Københavns Ungdomssymfoniorkester



Dvořák's cello concerto

Nielsen's 1st symphony

Conductor: Jesper Karbæk Ryskin

Soloist: Kang Yang


17th of June at 19:30,

19th of June at 16:00,

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Notes from the conductor

This summer, KUSO will perform a symphony of Carl Nielsen for the very first time. Denmark’s national composer has always enjoyed great respect with us, and we have patiently waited until we were completely ready to embark on one of his great symphonies. The symphony is, like his Op.1, Suite for Strings, the style and music that best describes his musical journey and establishes what ended up being completely defining for what one means today when talking about a Danish tone or timbre.

He used much humour and traits from folk music, which may have been inspired by his upbringing or by Dvořák and Svendsen, whose music he enjoyed playing. His dramatic written introduction for the symphony, not to mention the progressive tonality, where the symphony starts off in one key and ends in another, set the model for a life-long musical style that he created already here in his very first symphony.

At the same time, we play Dvořák's cello concerto, which is probably the most famous and played cello concerto of all time, as it is both the end and the highlight of Dvořák's solo concerts. We already have the soloist in place. It will be Kang Yang, who is an exchange student at DKDM as part of his master's studies at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. A collaboration we are really looking forward to. With Dvořák's cello concerto, we embark on a unique romantic journey, and its tonality fits like a piece in a puzzle into Nielsen's symphony.